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I want to share my Book THE GIFT WITHIN…all about my journey writing positive poetry with Love



HEllo Dear friends and followers….. MY BOOK THE GIFT WITHIN…SOLD AT Smile Amazon  

ALL who buy my book can ask for small proceeds to a CHARITY of your choice.

This is how I want to save for Scleroderma research, so if you have no preference please

Buy My Book and ask for proceeds to SCLERODERMA RESEARCH….I would be so grateful

God Bless and all my Love and light  Margie Kugler

This is me, Hi to you all.I  am a positive person with a big heart and a loving Spirit.I welcome you all to read my site. That would be so wonderful.Love Always  Margie Kugler



A Sample of my Poetry

The Gift Within   ….A Book of Faith and Hope…

I want to Thank all of you for visiting my site.

I am so grateful for all my blessings regardless of my challenges.I believe in Me so much more than ever and in doing so I believe in you All and all of Mankind.

The wonderful people I have met on my journey with My health challenges is so awesome.The days of pain and suffering are nothing compared to the support and generosity that each and everyone

gives me…..I shall never forget and I send my loving thoughts and wish for you all of a Joyful, Peaceful and fantastic life.

This is my hope and wish for you all.

Love and light Always

Margie    MY POETRY

My poetry style is called Prose or Verse.It comes to me through Divine Intervention and I am assured a clear message of flowing, meaningful words to express my deepest and most passionate feelings.

Each poem is written in a place for silence, retreating into nature or comfort.I breathe in and meditate within, calming the body as much as I can.

I have instant, clear thoughts, words, feelings coming in constant rhythm and in most occasions I do not stop to erase anything.

Writing with each of my poems is done without pressure or a rigid , organised manner. I just sit and feel each moment for what it is, I am creative from within the depths of my personality.

Read more about my book, The Gift Within, a book of creative poetry

Chapter 8 Gratitude

“May we relish the sacred in the ordinariness of our live’s”
When evening comes, be happy.
Reflect on the day
Give thanks for living
The moments will never be again.
Breathe out to a wonderful day.
Prepare to rest for a new beginning
We are always Now.
Continue every Now with thanks.

Break the constant habit of, lack
Lonely past, negative, empty, sad
Sorrowful, fearful ideas
Place an invisible cloak on them all
The unconscious rut is gone
Think of it, as a passing fad.

When I stopped to count my blessings
How great it made me feel
There were more than I could have
Ever imagined!
And every day I add more and more.
You too can find a THOUSAND
Reasons to be grateful.
Start with the morning sunrise
To the welcoming shine
Of your loved ones’ eyes.

Autoimmunity and my enlightening path through my journal of affirmations, dedications and heartfelt poetic expression.

In 2001, I was confronted with the most frightening challenge of my life, the diagnosis of a disease called scleroderma. I gradually learnt that this was no ordinary condition, as both my immune and vascular systems are compromised. The body is overproducing collagen throughout the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and systems, causing scarring or fibrosis. I felt strongly compelled to stay positive and explored many…..

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